web design studio. working collaboratively on projects that support & contribute to local gumption. we design & build web solutions for the arts, non-profit and independent business communities.

shauna kaendo is the founder, designer and project manager of Hey Shauna. With a BFA in Fine Arts (Emily Carr, Vancouver BC) in cross-discipline art making, lots of experience happily flailing about within the arts & small business communities...and an enormous fondness for all things independent and inspired.

kyle rumble is the web developer at Hey Shauna...self-taught, Wordpress knowledge sponge and master of puzzle-solving. A keener in the best possible sense of the word. His commitment to quality programming is...well, a delight. He also loves his dog...who in turn, loves balloons.

  • okay go.

    We think that creating a website is best approached as a collaborative effort. We know you CAN do it by yourself, using one of the gazillion free templates that you can find on the internet...and then you'd have a great new website that only took you a billion hours to build, and that looks like you used a free template from the internet. Or, we can do it together.

    We're good at this. We can help you to simplify the process of organizing your thoughts, needs, materials...and manifesting all of that into a website that works. For the web, and for you. We'll help guide you through the sometimes complicated, sometimes overwhelming process of summarizing what YOU do into a nifty package of internet goodness.

  • design

    Our approach to design is simplicity...clean, calm and pretty. graceful even.

    We will help you to negotiate the best ways to achieve the aesthetic that you want (and that represents you, and your project), along with the functionality that will make your site both easy to use, and lovely to look at...for you, and your intended market and community.

    We will help you to organize your content in a way that makes sense, that is easy to access (and maintain), and that approaches all of that as part of the visual oomph of your site. Creative and strategic placement of content, and navigation through the different pages and pockets of your project...are a huge part of your site's visual impact. That, and your favourite colours.

  • development

    All of our sites are built with a customized WordPress-based CMS (Content Management System), that allows you to update your site content super easily through an online administrative panel accessible through any web browser. All project quotes include a tutorial for using your administrative panel, mobile compatibility and set-up of a Google Analytics account (for monitoring your website traffic and stats).

    We are also available for ongoing support (for the things you can't or don't want to do yourself) on an hourly or retainer basis.

    If you have ANY questions at all, please don't be shy to pipe up and ask...

  • can you build me a website for a dollar?

    Nope. But we work in the arts & small business communities...we understand a limited budget and will always do what we can to work it for you. If you'd like to get in touch, we can have a chat about what you need (and what you want), and we’d be happy to put together a customized project summary and quote for you.

    I know, everything should be a dollar.

  • what about email mail-outs?

    We really like MailChimp. They're great AND affordable. It's a super easy-to-use system, with customizable templates that we can help to make matchy-match with your website and overall branding. Their pricing is based on the size of your mailing list & they also offer a free basic account (with limitations).

    Have a noodle around on their site, or let us know if it's something you'd like to chat about in more detail!

  • i’m using internet explorer to browse the internet. is that a good idea?

    No, it's a terrible idea. Internet Explorer is glitchy and ridiculous, and terrible. I recommend using SafariChrome or Firefox instead. They're free...and SO much better.