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MON APR 16 – MAY 14 (7-9pm) | SOLD OUT
Textiles & Map-Making
5-Week Series (every Monday), $100

WED MAY 2 – MAY 30 (7-9pm) | REGISTER
Textiles & Map-Making
5-Week Series (every Wednesday), $100


All of my group art-making workshops are for adults 18+, they run for 2 hours, all materials are included, and no experience with art or art-making is required.

The 2-hour group workshops that I’m currently running are focused on art-making and creative process, and are an excellent introduction to some of the theory behind art therapy…but are not formally art therapy in the sense that we would have the time to address any personal issues or concerns. BUT, I am now offering some group series (5-week series, see details above) for those interested in a more ongoing and actively therapeutic group scenario (please let me know if that’s something of interest to you).

ALSO, I can absolutely customize a workshop (or series of workshops) for a specific group of people. Please be in touch if that is something you’d like to discuss in more detail!


Click on the workshop titles below to read a more detailed description for each, and for online registration links.

This group will give participants an experiential introduction to the practice and theory of art therapy – and to an assortment of different art materials and ways of using them, both individually and collaboratively.
In this workshop we’ll be exploring map-making with a variety of different materials and applications. We’ll talk a bit about different types of maps and ways of “mapping” …both in terms of the familiar experiences that most of us have had with maps, and also broadening that to include some maybe less familiar and creative approaches to creating our own maps. Maybe we want to record what we’ve done, where we’ve been…where we want to go. Or maybe our map will be more about seeing what unfolds while we ponder a certain relationship in our lives, or experiences we’ve had. Or maybe it’s a map to a treasure, or to the corner store.


We’ll begin with a swatch of fabric, some conversation, a pile of fun materials …and then we’ll make a map, or few.

In this workshop we’ll be creating POCKET KNOTS …bundles, nubs, packets, palm-sized sculptures – that can fit into your (or a friend’s) pocket. You’ll have lots of different materials to choose from and muck around with. We’ll also spend some time chatting about community, connection, and the ways that we define and participate in our different communities…the ways that we connect, or reach out to (or within) our communities.
We have LOTS of perfectly legitimate reasons to be angry. In this workshop we’re going to explore some ways to creatively process some of that – some of the frustration, irritation, anger …feeling like we’re stuck, or squashed, or like we’re going to pop. We’re going to rip some things, and chat about how that needn’t be a destructive thing…and how it can be a creative release, and even a meditative thing. And then we’ll play with taking our ripped bits and pieces and putting them back together again…into weavings. Mixing in some other bits and materials. This is going to be SO good.



All workshops for Feb, Mar, and Apr are only $20/person (2 hr workshops, all materials are included, and you don’t need any experience with art or art materials!). Small groups, so pre-registration is required.



Self-care is complicated. We know that we need to take care of ourselves in the face of ever-busying lives, occupational burnout, and growing anxiety around …well, everything. But the term “self-care” isn’t always as warm and friendly a notion as it ought to be. Rather than inspiring and activating us, it often makes us feel defeated before we’ve even begun, or flailing for ideas and tangible solutions. And oh my gosh…time…seems increasingly elusive and fleeting.

The idea behind this 5-week series is to develop a customized, hands-on, realistic, and sustainable arts-based plan and practice – as a way to address our efforts to take care of ourselves. Grounded in creative process and expression by way of exploring art materials, the idea is to co-create something that suits YOU, and fits into YOUR life.


  • 5-week private (one-on-one) series, each weekly session will be 1.5 hours. Your sessions can be scheduled on the same day and time each week, or can be different each week to fit into your schedule. Start up whenever you like, and space the sessions out however you like. * NOTE: All sessions in the series must be used within 3 months of the date of your first session.
  • Cost is $350 for the full 5-week series. Includes all art materials. * NOTE: This amount does not include the cost of your take home kit that will be designed for you by the end of the series.
  • Each session will explore at least 2 different (art) materials and ways of using them…some traditional, others less so. * NOTE: Sessions will not include technical instruction in terms of traditional technique, but will be focused on exploration of materials, play and creative expression.
  • Your self-care plan will include a list of art materials for your “kit” (as well as suggestions for places to purchase them), and a customized strategy and schedule for creating space (physical space, and time) to implement your plan. * NOTE: For an additional cost, I’m also happy to gather and create a ready-to-go art kit for you. Please let me know if this is something that you’d like to discuss in more detail.
  • No experience with art or art materials is required. 


  • The goal of this series is to co-create a self-care plan that feels interesting, helpful, realistic, and sustainable for you. And while I am a practicing Art Therapist, the sessions within this particular series will not be therapy sessions in a formal sense. They can certainly be an excellent introduction to the practice, theory, and possible applications of Art Therapy, but they will not be an opportunity to address and work through any specific issues or concerns. Having said that, I’m very happy to chat with you about other therapy-based options in terms of private and group sessions.
  • This particular series is for private (one-on-one) sessions, but if you’re interested in something similar for groups please let me know. If you already have a group I’m happy to customize a series for you, or if you’d like to join a group of new folks and peers I may be offering similar group series this coming Spring.


EMAIL: info@heyshauna.com
TEL: 778-929-3377