I LOVE THIS WORK and every minute that I am fortunate enough to do and share it. If you have ANY questions, please ask. 



Art therapist in Victoria (the unceded, traditional and ancestral territories of the Lekwungen/Songhees and Esquimalt peoples). Thankful for their historical and ongoing stewardship of these beautiful lands. And honoured to step into a commitment to learning, and being better.

I hold a BFA from Emily Carr University, and completed my Art Therapy training at the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. I am an active member (and past Board Member) of the BC Art Therapy Association (BCATA), and member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA). 


  • Vancouver Art Therapy Institute (DVATI)
  • Emily Carr University of Art & Design (BFA)
  • San’yas Indigenous Cultural Safety certificate – PHSA BC
  • University of Alberta/Faculty of Native Studies – Indigenous Canada

I AM A POLITICAL THERAPIST. I am not neutral. I have biases and values that will absolutely affect the “space” that we will work in together – and the ways that I will hold that space…. with generosity, but also accountability. I REALLY love my job. I’m grateful and honoured to be able to do this work, and am very much interested in supporting you in your work of healing. And to be very clear, the work of healing IS political.

If this is something that you’d like to do together…
I CAN WALK BESIDE YOU. I can listen, bounce, pivot, create and bumble with you. We can explore tools and processes that can support your movement into and through all of it. I will be in it with you, collaborating.

MY PRACTICE IS INCLUSIVE – all genders, colours, orientations… binary & norm busters, queer minded & bodied. My clients include a spectrum of regular folks who are wanting to dig in to the work of getting unstuck… including healthcare professionals (therapists/counsellors, doctors, social workers), front-line, support workers, those doing (or wanting to do) the work of social action, artists, non-artists… folks who want to feel differently than they do. 

I offer private sessions, groups and workshops (support & creative) – with a focus on nervous system regulation, boundaries, neurodiversity, embodied creative curiosity, building self-trust & liberating practices. Finding ways to understand ourselves differently. 

THE WORK THAT I DO is informed and supported by diverse research in art therapy, somatics & trauma, polyvagal theory, neurodiversity & sensory processing divergence, and therapeutic movement… in balance with a plethora of resources created by folks of all colours and persuasions …authors, artists, musicians, practitioners, scientists & researchers, Indigenous storytellers, and community builders.


My training and ongoing professional development is grounded in the work of anti-oppression in ALL of its forms. And while that absolutely includes anti-racism, I am not (to be clear) an anti-racist educator. The privileges that I have been afforded because of the colour of my skin have protected me from knowing or experiencing racism directed at my being, my body, or my life.

The work that I do is rooted in collaboration, and support in the personal & collective work of liberating ourselves… of understanding, questioning and challenging ourselves – our values, habits, and behaviours that are steeped in white supremacy (centering & normalizing of the white body experience), patriarchal and capitalist systems (that reward and celebrate our exhaustion & depletion), and a multitude of other oppressions that harm. In understanding what that means… and how that meaning is different for folks in different bodies, of different colours, genders, divergences, and with different lived experiences. Exploring what social action can look & feel like. Aligning our bodies, emotions, and lives with our values. Being IN community. Getting uncomfortable. Finding comfort in our discomfort.


I am actively learning how to show up… better. I see the personal work of healing as inseparable from the work of anti-oppression, and of de-stigmatizing our need(s) for support. Personal healing is political. Collective healing is political. And part of this work is understanding that our healing doesn’t happen in isolation, but in community, with support of (and for) others. With responsibility, and accountability.

I collaborate with and support folks in exploring ways to notice, express, process, understand and re-imagine outdated narratives and stuck bits. To unlearn what we’ve been simmered in, and to enlist our creativity, our curiosity, and our lived experience in imagining, creating, and co-creating alternatives to “norms” that don’t serve all of us. To unlearn our quiet complicity, and priority of personal comfort.

If you have ANY questions, please ask.



  • Neurodiversity/Neurodivergence
  • Building practices of body-based creative curiosity
  • Getting unstuck (overwhelm, underwhelm, complacency)
  • Nervous system health, grounding practices
  • Living in alignment with personal values
  • Social activism, self & collective care, liberatory practices
  • Women's support (empowerment, decisions around/considering childfree living, the aging body, peri/menopause)
  • Burnout & compassion fatigue for caregivers (prevention & recovery)
  • Creative blocks (artists, writers, creatives)
  • Anxiety, depression, fatigue, shutdown
  • Trauma-informed grounding & processing
  • Anger, irritability, frustration, stress management
  • Developing (or re-igniting) a creative practice


  • Pause - with time, space, and support.
  • Learn how to notice how you're ACTUALLY feeling in any given moment, how the world (and it's sensory information) is affecting you - not how you should feel, but how you DO feel. Without judgement, without fixing... learning how to understand your experience differently.
  • Explore different ways to be present and aware in your body, in discomfort, in transition - with creativity and curiosity. 
  • Create some space for regeneration, integration... learning, and unlearning.
  • Learn and integrate small practices to help you to show up for yourself, and build self-trust.
  • Build capacity to imagine, initiate, and create change in your life.
  • Explore a collaborative approach to the work of personal healing - through a combination of talk, art-making, creative process,  movement, and somatic awareness.

“As we engage the unconscious and imagination in creative process, we experience ourselves as active participants in life, explorers with the power to reshape our responses to our life stories – rather than victims of our circumstances”.



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Grateful to be living on the unceded territories of the Lekwungen/Songhees and Esquimalt peoples. Thankful for their historical and ongoing stewardship of these beautiful lands. And honoured to step into a commitment to learning, and being better.