Professional Art Therapist

My approach to art therapy and art-making is grounded in an emphasis on process, play and exploration of materials as a way of better understanding where we’re at, and how we’d like to move forward. AND the belief that we all have the potential (and capacity) to make change in our lives, and to create more balance amidst our whirlwinds.

What you can expect in a private (one-on-one) session with me:

  • Private sessions are a combination of talk therapy and art-making (with a focus on creative process over final product). Exploring different materials and processes – seeing what they can do, and noticing how they make you FEEL. 
  • I work primarily with adults (and some teens). 
  • No experience with art or art materials is required, and you needn’t consider yourself “artistic” or “creative” to participate and benefit. 
  • This is NOT a place where you will be tested, diagnosed, judged, or have your work interpreted by me. Things will absolutely come up for you through the different processes that we will explore together …but I will not be deciding what’s wrong with you based on the art that you make, or how you make it.
  • This IS a space and opportunity for you to explore, pause, reflect, be curious …and make your own interpretations of what might come up (and out) for you. 
  • This IS a space and chunk of time that is dedicated to just you. 
  • Our time together is confidential, respectful, and collaborative. 

I love this work and every minute that I am fortunate enough to do and share it. If you have ANY questions, please ask

I offer private one-on-one sessions, and group art therapy and art-making workshops out of my downtown Vancouver studio.

Art Therapist and mixed media artist working and living in Vancouver (on the unceded lands of the Coast Salish peoples). I hold a BFA from Emily Carr University, and completed my Art Therapy training at the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. I am an active member (and past Board Member) of the BC Art Therapy Association.


  • Self-care, life balance
  • Women's support (empowerment, decisions around/considering childfree living, aging, peri/menopause, relationships)
  • Burnout and compassion fatigue for caregivers (prevention & recovery)
  • Creative blocks (artists, writers)
  • Feeling stuck (overwhelmed, underwhelmed, paralyzed, scared)
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Stress management, anger
  • Transition (big & small life changes, grief, loss)
  • Developing a creative practice


  • Pause. With time, space, and support ...to discover clarity around what you want.
  • Be supported through challenging life situations and changes.
  • Explore new ways of accessing and understanding your emotions, your body, and your needs.
  • Discover and explore your strengths and capacity to initiate and create change in your life.
  • Explore and address your concerns through a combination of talk, art-making, and creative process.
  • Learn how to access creative process (and develop a creative practice) as a resource and ongoing support tool.

“As we engage the unconscious and imagination in creative process, we experience ourselves as active participants in life, explorers with the power to reshape our responses to our life stories – rather than victims of our circumstances”.

– Daria Halprin


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