These sessions are for folks who aren’t sure they want to commit to ongoing therapy, or know they don’t …but like the idea of having a chat about a particular topic.

Like say… getting some suggestions and tips for practicing art-making differently, or with more creative confidence, ease, curiosity… setting up a home studio, or creative corner/nook. Maybe you’re wondering about the legitimacy of self-identifying as Neurodivergent, or you know you are but you don’t know what to do with that fact. Maybe you’re feeling stuck, and you’d like to try something different …and maybe it’s this, but maybe it’s not, and you have questions. Maybe you want some suggestions for things to make, art materials to buy, ways to muck with them. Maybe you want to define and understand self-care differently, but you don’t know where to start, or what the heck that might look like, or feel like. Maybe you’re bored, under-stimulated, over-stimulated, overwhelmed, underwhelmed …and you want to try something different, have a different kind of conversation. FEEL different.


  • If you’re an adult (18+), and it appeals, it’s for you.
  • No experience with art or art materials required.
  • Maybe you’re an artist, and want to re-ignite your practice, or expand your scope of materials.
  • Maybe you’ve never touched art materials, and want to give it a try, but don’t know where to start.


  • There is NO expectation for you to ever book more than a single session. One may give you everything you want/need… answer your questions, give you the ideas and tips you’re looking for.
  • Think of these as a good option for a single session, occasional treat, or ongoing thing.
  • For online sessions (that involve art-making) you will need to provide your own art materials. I can make suggestions if that feels helpful.
  • I will provide all art materials for in-person sessions.


60 min SESSION: $175 ($183.75 with GST)


Sessions can either be booked through my online calendar or directly through me, whichever is your preference.

Email: heyshauna@gmail.com
Phone: 778-929-3377

If you make your booking online, I will contact you by email to finalize the topic/theme, and location (for outdoor/home-visit sessions). In-person sessions are available for Victoria, BC only.

Contact me for a free 20 minute consult to chat about booking your session and/or to ask any questions you have. 


I'm currently offering Online (on Zoom), and In-Studio (in-person, Victoria) sessions!!

Some suggestions, and I’m absolutely open to other ideas…

Neurodiversity/Neurodivergence: Support, chat, insights, resources.

Sensory Journaling: The theory, getting started, building/maintaining/using it as a practice and resource (for Neurodivergent or Neurotypical folks).

Artist: Wanting to expand and/or revive your art-making practice. Maybe you’re experiencing a creative block, or lull. Maybe you want to introduce new materials/processes into your practice.

Non-Artist: Wanting to explore art-making for the first time, or just MORE, or differently. Looking for ideas to get started, set-up your space, materials to explore.

You’re stuck: And you want to get unstuck. You’re curious about how you can use art-making as a tool/resource to FEEL BETTER. To feel more creative, more flexible, curious, inspired, connected…

Alignment with personal values: You’re curious about using art to explore liberating yourself from old narratives (and habits) that don’t fit you, your values, your life.

Childfree living: Exploring ways to embrace your choice (or not-choice) to live childfree.

Burnout: Prevention, recovery …moving forward with better boundaries, and creative self-care practices.

Setting up a creative studio/space: At home, at work, in a corner…

Nervous System health/regulation: Ideas for grounding, moving through overwhelm, panic, meltdowns, dysregulation.

Aging, Peri/Menopause: Reframing of old/tired conversations and narratives. Building different ones.

Space to be angry: Explore ways to make (creative) space for anger, frustration, irritation …rather than just trying to send it away.

Movement: You’re looking for ideas/suggestions for SIMPLE movement practices that aren’t exercise classes, and that don’t even LOOK like exercise classes.

Slow-Stitch: You want to work with textiles, and slow-stitching …but you don’t want to learn any formal technique. I’ve GOT you.

Art parties/sessions: You want some tips for hosting online or in-person art parties/sessions with your friends.

Bilateral Drawing: You want to know more about this process, maybe you want to join Bilateral Drawing Club but you’re not feeling quite ready to jump in.

Art in Nature / Eco Art: You want to explore making art outside …with nature objects, maybe a mix of nature/found objects with some more traditional materials. Maybe just art-making IN nature. Wind in your hair, sea water in your paints…


“As we engage the unconscious and imagination in creative process, we experience ourselves as active participants in life, explorers with the power to reshape our responses to our life stories – rather than victims of our circumstances”.



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Located on the traditional and ancestral territories of the Lekwungen speaking (Songhees and Esquimalt) peoples. Thankful for their historical and ongoing stewardship of these beautiful lands, and the opportunity to step into collaborative stewardship, community care, learning, and being better.