Hey Shauna Art Therapy



I’m running TWO separate groups starting up in January 2023 (Tuesday or Saturday). Time zone converter tool


Tuesdays: Jan 10 – Mar 7
11am-1pm PST
$540 CAD, 9-wk group

Saturdays: Jan 14 – Mar 11 *new start date*
9am-11am PST
$540 CAD, 9-wk group

PLEASE NOTE: Payment installations are available.


These are therapy support groups for folks (adults) who identify as Neurodivergent (with or without a formal diagnosis). We will be sharing stories, experiences, time, space, resources, strategies …and taking some practical steps towards building CREATIVE CARE PRACTICES to support ourselves and each other.

It is a space to allow yourself to be vulnerable, supported, seen & heard. A space where we can be our gloriously divergent selves. IN community.

Maximum of 8 participants in each group.


  • 9 online (Zoom) group sessions, 2 hours each.
  • Free access to my Bilateral Drawing Club (for 3 months: Jan, Feb, and Mar).
  • Access to shared resources page (books, podcasts, art/writing prompts…).
  • Access to a group conversation on Signal (optional – for group members to stay connected outside of our sessions together).
  • 20% discount on all of my online workshops for 6 months (Jan-Jun inclusive). This includes single workshops and series (but excludes BDC, which is a by-donation membership).


  • We will have a small amount of dedicated art-making time in these groups …after you’ve registered I’ll be in touch with more details about materials to gather for each week.
  • The focus of our art-making will always be rooted in building supportive/creative practices that can be repeated ….so, process over product.
  • Some materials/processes that we’ll be working with: watercolour paint, fabric, slow-stitch, clay (air-dry, plastecene), collage/mixed media.


Please reach out if you’d like to arrange a free “more info” consult with me …either by phone or zoom.

Email (heyshauna@gmail.com), or DM (@heyheyshauna)

My hope is to create a space that is supportive, creative, curious… empowering. A community where we can show up in and with the richness of our experiences.

This group is for folks who are interested in stepping into more creativity and curiosity around understanding, managing and supporting themselves in their experiences of Neurodivergence. Sharing and gathering resources, building creative care practices that reduce and soothe overwhelm… and support day-to-day balance and grounding… that allow us to step into agency and choice… to create more ease in our lives, individually AND collectively.


If the lump sum cost of this group is a barrier to you attending, I’m happy to chat about instalment payments. Please message me at heyshauna@gmail.com to make a plan!


If you’re registered and find yourself unable to attend, I will offer a refund or credit up to 3 days BEFORE the group start date (and possibly less IF I’m able to fill your spot before the first session). Beyond that, you will be responsible for the registration cost …though you are absolutely welcome to give your space to a friend! Again, this would need to happen before our first week together, as I will not be letting anyone new into the group after that.



  • Chat about Neurodiversity/Neurodivergence, Creative Care Practices, group guidelines, introductions, art-making, discussion.

WEEKS 2-5:

  • Sharing our stories …space to focus on 2 folks each session (approx 15min/each), in a way that best serves YOU. You get to decide what you’d like that to be …maybe it’s sharing personal experience, challenges, questions, ideas, requests for feedback/advice… maybe it’s sending questions or a topic to the group in advance (or in the moment), that we can jump into collectively. You get to choose. And, if this is something that brings up any uneasiness/paralysis with you I’d be happy to schedule a quick zoom chat to discuss some options in advance!
  • Art-making, discussion.

WEEKS 6-9:

  • More stories, sharing, discussion, art-making… I’ll have some themes/topics to bring to the group, but we’ll always prioritize going where our conversations take us.
Author Ursula Le Guin describes our imaginations as the single most useful tool that we possess – a tool that we have to learn how to use, “to invent our lives, make them up, imagine them” – that the learning, teaching, and exercising of our imaginations is something foundational to our basic life skills “for growth, for health, for competence, for joy”.


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If you're able, I'd love it if you'd join my Patreon community in support of my Healing Fund! All proceeds collected go towards free private art therapy and/or group workshops for folks who need the support but who can't afford the expense.

Grateful to be living on the unceded territories of the Lekwungen/Songhees and Esquimalt peoples. Thankful for their historical and ongoing stewardship of these beautiful lands. And honoured to step into a commitment to learning, and being better.