For the duration of this thing that we’re all in the midst of, my workshops will be offered online ONLY, on the Zoom platform.

PLEASE NOTE that my workshops will NOT be recorded, so if you miss it I won’t be able to send it to you later. You have to show up! Groups are small, personal, and interactive.


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5-week series

Slow-stitching. Hunkering in to some self & collective pause & integration. Focusing in on how we’re managing to make the space for the pauses, and reprieves – the moments that we need to regenerate ….to integrate all that we’re learning (and unlearning). Showing up for and stepping into community care; pausing to breathe; regeneration; integration; asking each other questions; sharing stories; talking about what’s working and what’s not; and MAKING while we do it.

MAY 2- 30, 2021
3:30-5:30pm PDT
May 2 | May 9 | May 16 | May 23 | May 30
$150 (5-week online group/series)

Fabric (or paper), embroidery thread & needle, scissors.
(see details/alternatives on event listing)


Grounding, Rhythm
& Bilateral Drawing

5-week series

Bilateral drawing is a great tool & resource for accessing & connecting our (whole) brain and body… through rhythm, repetition, and drawing with both hands. To let go of WHAT we’re making & just MAKE marks. A way that we can express & explore what we’re feeling – release it, give shape to it, allow it to transform. It’s a place to put it, and sit with it, without needing to intellectualize it. Without needing to make sense of it. But instead just allowing ourselves to feel what we feel.

MAY 1 – MAY 29, 2021
12-2pm PDT
May 1 | May 8 | May 15 | May 22 | May 29
$150 (5-week online group/series)


Paper, assortment of drawing materials, tape. 
(see details/alternatives on event listing)

Embodied Creative Curiosity

This group will be more prompt-based than my usual, for those of you wanting to create with a bit more direction! We’ll be exploring different themes, materials & ways to develop and maintain a practice of creative curiosity ….that is EMBODIED. A curiosity that you can feel & carry around in your body, and into everything that you do.

This will be an ongoing group that I’ll offer in 5-wk chunks – you don’t need to take them in order, but I’ll number them (I, II, III, etc) so you can be sure to sign up for a different one each time. You are of course also welcome to repeat a series if you like! There is benefit to BOTH. We can get a lot out of repetition of process/practice …and also from exploring new ones.

Next date to be announced


Next date to be announced

Assortment of mixed media materials. 
(see details/alternatives on event listing)


Stepping into our values

We will explore ways that we can show up in our lives that feel in alignment with our beliefs. That feel supportive and supported… in our relationships, communities, and our BODIES. Ways that we can be fueled by our values, not our fears. Ways that we can move forward with curiosity and creativity.

Next date to be announced


Assortment of mixed media materials.

Patchwork, Visible Mending & Autonomy

We will explore “visible mending” as a metaphor for considering our flaws, broken bits & wounds. Adorning our imperfections. Strengthening our understanding of our needs, and supporting (and reinforcing) our capacities to repair and connect …and find our voices. Patchwork as a creative and regenerative practice of self care.

Next date to be announced

Fabric, embroidery thread, embroidery needle, scissors.  


Sensory Body-Mapping

This workshop is NOT about drawing, painting (or otherwise creating) a picture of what your body looks like, or how it’s shaped. What you make isn’t going to look like you. This workshop IS about pausing & giving some thought to our bodies as experiential. Being curious about the ways we can translate and express the experience of being in our bodies onto paper. Into the ways that we make marks. Being curious about the different ways we can use our art materials… whatever we have… to explore sensation, colour, tension, movement, discomfort, stillness, breath, shifting, emotion… anything, big or small, that we FEEL.

Next date to be announced

White paper, assortment of mixed media materials.



  • Once you’ve registered through Eventbrite, you will receive all info that you’ll need to access the workshop on Zoom.
  • Groups are small (max 8 people) & interactive. This means that everyone who attends is visible (via Zoom), and participates in the shared conversation & art-making.
  • Workshops are for adults only (18+).
  • Because this is all happening online, you will need to provide your own art materials. I list all req’d materials (and suggestions for alternatives) on the Eventbrite page, so please check that list BEFORE registering to be sure that you have what you’ll need to participate.
  • PLEASE NOTE that my workshops will NOT be recorded, so if you miss it I won’t be able to send it to you later.
  • Groups are informal, chatty, and very much about sharing time and space …stories, experiences, thoughts, frustrations, and what-have-you’s.


  • A list of materials required for each workshop will be listed in the event description (please check before registering). I will also include ideas for alternative materials.
  • See my Art Materials page for lists of suggested materials to get you started.


  • If you’d like a visual glimpse into what we get up to in my workshops please visit me on Instagram.
  • For reference, you can see the details of my usual in-person offerings (Community Workshops) to get a sense of what we get up to in my regular groups. There will of course be differences in what we can do together online versus in-person – but here we are, in this together and making it work!
  • You needn’t have ANY experience with art or art materials to participate (and benefit from) any of my workshops.
  • Groups are small, usually 5 people (in-person) and 8 people (online) . They are also generous, warm, and supportive. They are easily among my favourite things.
  • In all of my workshops, our focus is on exploring different art materials in lots of different ways …and noticing how those different materials and processes make us feel. And while I am here for any technical assistance you may need, our goal is not to focus on technical skill…but instead on curiosity.
  • PLEASE NOTE that workshop registrations are refundable within 3 days only …otherwise, they are transferrable so if you can’t make it, send a friend!


All of my workshops are available for private group bookings!

Maybe my existing dates don’t work for you, or you just want to (virtually) gather a gaggle of pals or co-workers together for a fun couple of hours of something new! I offer lots of different ongoing group workshops, and can also customize something special for your group.  


  • I will be posting each workshop on Eventbrite (which allows for credit/debit payment).
  • BUT if you would prefer to pay by e-transfer, please go ahead and do that (send to Shauna Kaendo/info@heyshauna.com). Once I’ve received your payment, you will receive confirmation (and reminders) through Eventbrite. If you choose this option, please send me an email to confirm your name, email, and e-transfer details.


Trying my best to bend and shape workshop content, conversations, processes to support us all in finding creative ways to navigate these bonkers times. 

My workshops address different (but related) aspects of noticing, managing and processing all of the stuff …the new stuff, the old stuff, the stuck stuff. Things that are coming up amid this crisis that we find ourselves navigating… historical and ongoing oppressions… uprisings of awareness, the unsettling that’s happening in our bodies. Some of the things are BIG (and complex, and existential) and some are small …like, how the heck to get through each day.

In my groups we will be looking at ways to ground ourselves, calm our nervous systems, make space for ALL of the emotions and responses, and ways that we can EXPRESS all of it. We’ll practice slowing down, pausing, noticing, reframing, being curious, taking up space, sitting with discomfort, and digging in.

“As we engage the unconscious and imagination in creative process, we experience ourselves as active participants in life, explorers with the power to reshape our responses to our life stories – rather than victims of our circumstances”.



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Grateful to be living on the unceded territories of the Lekwungen/Songhees and Esquimalt peoples. Thankful for their historical and ongoing stewardship of these beautiful lands. And honoured to move forward as an ally and co-conspirator in decolonization.