Updated May 1, 2021: I will continue to offer online private sessions (on Zoom) AND outdoor private sessions (in Victoria) ONLY for the time being. 

Let’s get outside, breathe in some Spring, talk about all the things – and get down to some expressing, processing, attending, and soothing …ya?

If you have any questions – please ask.


PLEASE NOTE: Given the situation with the COVID variants, I’m not currently doing sessions in my portable tent studio …BUT I have started opening up spots in my calendar for other options for in-person (safe distanced) outdoor art therapy sessions! 

For the time being, I won’t be setting up my tent… keeping things as open-air and spacious as we can. BUT we can meet for a Walk+Talk session (wandering through Beacon Hill park, or down to the beach), or I can send you a map to a meeting spot where we can work on a picnic table… or I can bring a blanket (and pillows) to hunker in on the grass, or a beach spot. I provide all of the art materials.. and a thermos of tea.

We can get creative in our healing …including where we do it, and what it looks like! Making choices to support ourselves (and BE supported) in different ways allows us to step into our personal agency in different ways …new ways. It allows us to model for ourselves what it looks like (and feels like) to SHOW UP for ourselves. So that we can heal, and better show up in our lives and communities.


Private outdoor sessions can range anywhere from what you might imagine seeking counselling/therapy support for… to something more focused on developing a creative practice, learning to work with art materials in different (less formal, more curious) ways, working with creative blocks… (re)learning how to play as a gift of pause and reflection for yourself.

Outdoor sessions can be booked online if you’d like to go that route, or you can contact me directly to arrange an appointment. These sessions are in-person, distanced (physical distancing to align with COVID safety precautions), and located either in Beacon Hill Park – or in your backyard (in Victoria).

See my Private Art Therapy page for general information about private (one-on-one) sessions.


See my RATES page for details. 

If you have any questions – please ask.


  • More details soon! …once I get more settled in, and have my exact location sorted out!
  • Once I’ve received your booking I will be in touch with you to send directions/map links. 
  • All private sessions must be pre-paid. See my Private Art Therapy page for more information.
  • I will provide hot tea, hand sanitizer, and all art materials. 
  • We will maintain physical distancing (6 ft) throughout our session together, and I will always keep the tent at least partially open for air flow …weather dependent. 
  • Given the much reduced risk associated with outdoor interactions I won’t be requiring that you wear a mask. My concern and flexibility around this is grounded in the importance of facial gesture and intonation when engaging in personal work of this nature. 
  • With sessions taking place outdoors, in public spaces – I cannot absolutely ensure confidentiality and privacy. And so, please note that booking an outdoor session will entail consenting to an understanding of this. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you are feeling ill in any way, please let me know and we will cancel or postpone your session to another day (with NO cancellation fee). I am taking COVID precautions VERY seriously. 


I will provide an assortment of art materials for each of our sessions together (that will be sanitized and/or “isolated” for a bit between uses). If you’re looking for suggestions for materials to gather for use outside of our sessions, take a peek at my Art Materials page.


  • Getting unstuck (overwhelm, underwhelm, complacency)
  • Nervous system regulation, grounding techniques
  • Self-awareness, reflection & curiosity
  • Women’s support (empowerment, decisions around/considering childfree living, aging, peri/menopause, relationships)
  • Burnout & compassion fatigue for caregivers (prevention & recovery)
  • Creative blocks (artists, writers)
  • Anxiety, depression, fatigue, shutdown
  • Trauma-informed grounding & processing
  • Anger, irritability, frustration, stress management
  • Life transitions (big & small life changes, grief, loss)
  • Developing a creative practice


  • Pause. With time, space, and support …to notice how you’re ACTUALLY feeling, to express that, and to work towards understanding it.
  • Be supported through challenging life situations and transitions.
  • Explore new ways of accessing and understanding your emotions, your body, and your needs.
  • Discover and explore your strengths and capacity to imagine, initiate, and create change in your life.
  • Explore and address your concerns through a combination of talk, art-making, movement & creative process.
  • Learn how to access a creative process (and develop a creative practice) as a resource and ongoing support tool.

Author Ursula Le Guin describes our imaginations as the single most useful tool that we possess – a tool that we have to learn how to use, “to invent our lives, make them up, imagine them” – that the learning, teaching, and exercising of our imaginations is something foundational to our basic life skills “for growth, for health, for competence, for joy”.


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Grateful to be living on the unceded territories of the Lekwungen/Songhees and Esquimalt peoples. Thankful for their historical and ongoing stewardship of these beautiful lands. And honoured to move forward as an ally and co-conspirator in decolonization.