Private art therapy sessions are a great opportunity to have a chunk of time dedicated to just you. Time that can be spent creating art (with or without purpose, or a project in mind), checking in with where you’re at, discussing goals/issues/concerns, and having some time to pause and reflect on it all. Each session will start with a check-in, then possibly revisiting your artwork created in a previous session, and art-making that can be either client-led (you may know exactly what you want to work on for any given day/session) or I’m also always happy to offer up suggestions and directives.

My personal approach as an art therapist is very much grounded in creative process – exploring art materials in different ways (traditional and non-traditional) to see what they can do, how they behave in different combinations, and how those different materials and processes make you feel. Some sessions will be spent working on a particular project, and others will be spent mucking about and making a mess. 

Sessions are a combination of art and talk-based therapy, no expectations, no judgement, and no experience with art or art materials is required. 

I will NOT be interpreting any of the work that you make in our sessions together. I won’t be quietly sitting there deciding what’s wrong with you based on the art you’re making, or the materials that you’re using. I promise. This does not mean that things won’t come up for you in the process of creating art, as they most certainly will. But that is for you to interpret, not me. 

It also feels important to note that while art therapy is sometimes seen as an alternative to talk therapy (sometimes we can’t find the words that feel right, or words just don’t suffice) – it needn’t necessarily be seen as something that is “instead of” talk therapy. There is enormous potential benefit in combining different modalities of therapy, and finding a collaborative approach to addressing our issues and finding balance amidst our whirlwinds.

If you have any questions – please ask.


For private sessions. All materials and GST are included. 

1 hr: $125 | 1.5 hr: $150

1 hr: $175 | 1.5 hr: $200


1 PERSON (1 hr sessions)
3 sessions: $335 | 5 sessions: $560
1 PERSON (1.5 hr sessions)
3 sessions: $405 | 5 sessions: $675

2 PEOPLE (1 hr sessions)
3 sessions: $470 | 5 sessions: $785
2 PEOPLE (1.5 hr sessions)
3 sessions: $540 | 5 sessions: $900

PLEASE NOTE: Packages are prepaid, non-refundable, and you have up to one year to use all of your sessions (this can be somewhat flexible if you communicate a need to extend the time period).


I offer a free 20 min consultation for those exploring their options, and feeling curious about art therapy. It’s important to feel that both a therapy modality and therapist are a good fit! Consultations are by phone, or Skype.


I’m very happy to offer sliding scale rate options – PLEASE don’t be shy to reach out if this is something that you’re interested in. Life can be bonkers expensive, and it’s important to me that my services be accessible to those that are interested.


I have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Missed appointments, and appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hour notice are charged the full session fee.


  • Self-care, life balance
  • Women's support (empowerment, decisions around/considering childfree living, aging, peri/menopause, relationships)
  • Burnout and compassion fatigue for caregivers (prevention & recovery)
  • Creative blocks (artists, writers)
  • Feeling stuck (overwhelmed, underwhelmed, paralyzed, scared)
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Stress management, anger
  • Transition (big & small life changes, grief, loss)
  • Developing a creative practice


  • Pause. With time, space, and support ...to discover clarity around what you want.
  • Be supported through challenging life situations and changes.
  • Explore new ways of accessing and understanding your emotions, your body, and your needs.
  • Discover and explore your strengths and capacity to initiate and create change in your life.
  • Explore and address your concerns through a combination of talk, art-making, and creative process.
  • Learn how to access creative process (and develop a creative practice) as a resource and ongoing support tool.

Author Ursula Le Guin describes our imaginations as the single most useful tool that we possess – a tool that we have to learn how to use, “to invent our lives, make them up, imagine them” – that the learning, teaching, and exercising of our imaginations is something foundational to our basic life skills “for growth, for health, for competence, for joy”.


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