Hey Shauna Art Therapy


This is creative (self & community) care. 

Space to gather, pause, bend, fold (and unfold), meander, linger, wander, bumble, flail… be curious, be creative… together, IN community.

A community where we can…

Get to know each other, share stories and experiences.
Have conversations about ALL of the things.
Support those conversations …reflections, insights, challenges… with creative care practices …like art!

Who this space is for…

This community space is for folks identifying as women, and/or queer, non-binary, gender-fluid, genderqueer.

I don’t make this decision lightly, or without a lot of thought. AND… in this moment, in this world, with all that is whirling around and IN us …we need pockets of reprieve. This is a wee pocket of reprieve, from SOME of the (often invisible) patriarchal care-taking.

Neurodiversity-affirming space

This is a neurodiversity-affirming space …where we can all show up as we are… with all of our differences/divergences… no judgements, no expectations, no policing. This is a space for us to get curious about building (and maintaining) creative care practices, and community… with/in kindness, generosity, and creativity.

Membership Includes…

  • NEW: Free monthly HEY SHAUNA workshop (offered twice each month, to accommodate for different schedules/times zones).
  • Bilateral Drawing Club
  • LOTS of coWorking (coFocus, coCare, body-doubling) sessions
  • LOTS of Creative Practice (art-making) sessions
  • Resource Library & Sharing (art materials, books, podcasts, articles, favourite what-have-you’s)
  • Collaborative Mail-Art Projects
  • Art prompts
  • Community Sharing & Chats (rooms with different themes/topics): Spaces to ask questions, share resources, post photos…
  • LOTS of zoom sessions & opportunities to connect with other folks – for  art making, conversation/company, accountability, inspiration… we usually have several options and offerings each day.
  • Down the road: special events, collaborations, visiting artists
  • Neurodiversity-affirming space (and Neurodivergent specific resources)
  • All members can host workshops/sessions within the community
  • 20% discount on HEY SHAUNA Workshops (offered outside of ohHEY)
  • Discounts on offerings from other ohHEY community members (sliding scale, promo codes).


ohHEY is a subscription membership, on the Mighty Networks platform. The community can be accessed through any browser window, and also through the Might Networks mobile app.

If the membership options below are outside of your budget, please contact me to chat about a reduced cost plan for you …it’s important to me that this platform be accessible to anyone wanting to be a part of it!

Because I want this community to be as accessible as possible… I’ve reduced the cost of our ohHEY community membership, effective April 8/24.





About Shauna

Art therapist and artist… neurodivergent, queer, post-menopausal, swearing, laughing, bumbling, creative curiosity advocate.

I’m VERY invested in building and being a part of creative community care… and finding DIFFERENT ways to understand (and support ourselves in) our lived experiences. I work with folks in a few different ways… private therapy (art therapy & Brainspotting), ongoing workshops & support groups… and now with this new community platform!

I am located in Victoria BC, on the glorious ancestral lands of the Lekwungen – Songhees, Esquimalt & Wsanec peoples.

What it feels like here…

I want to somehow try to express in words how the unfolding of our ohHEY community FEELS… in my body, in my life… in my location as a community member, facilitator, and folk (gaggle) gatherer… and in my own creative care practice(s).

It FEELS like… delight. And like community care… like creative care. Like a different kind of conversation about HOW we care, one that fits me.

It FEELS like showing up (in creative & art practices), for myself & others… often and fully.

It FEELS like collective witnessing… listening, hearing, sharing space.

It FEELS like doing WITH (versus doing FOR).

It FEELS like we’re building something important together. Something that changes the conversation. That reframes what well-being can look & feel like. What care practice(s) can look & feel like.

It FEELS like challenging binaried thinking & tired old narratives… and getting curious about how we can do CARE differently. And how we can feel different, in our day-to-days… making more time/space for the practices that FEEL GOOD.

Some of the things we’re getting up to…

Our regular online gatherings (there are usually several things happening every day):

  • Undrowned & Art Making: In these gatherings, I read to you! Excerpts from Alexis Pauline Gumb’s BEAUTIFUL book Undrowned: Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals …and you can do whatever you like while listening (art-making, lounging, toodling around your home – whatever). I also play bilateral ocean/whale sounds for a few minutes before we do our final check-in.
  • Podcast & Puttering: In these sessions we listen to a podcast together, and putter around our homes/studios doing whatever we want/need to do…
  • Fodder Box Art Making: Art-making sessions inspired by the things we find in our “fodder boxes” …the places that we keep & collect our bits of unfinished, altered, dismantled art explorations. The muckings, cuttings, remnants, curious bits and bobs that come from our creative meanderings. (and for anyone unclear on what is meant by this, we can talk about it in ANY of these sessions).
  • Creative Hour: Much like an open studio …bring a creative project you are working on, or just play/muck around with some art materials.
  • Watercolour Mucking: In these sessions we muck with watercolour paints …blobs, whooshes, and what-have-you’s …giving our bodies a beautiful watery pause.
  • On Repeat: For these sessions I play a single song …on repeat. And we make art, or putter, or whatever we want to do… for some/many of us, our bodies and nervous systems LOVE repetition.
  • Readings & Artings: For these sessions I share some sort of reading (might be an excerpt, might be a poem…). And then we’ll make art, or whatever it is that we’d each like to do on each day.
  • Stitch & Chat: Bring any of your stitching projects …slow-stitch, knit, crochet…or anything really.
  • Shake & Wiggle: In these short sessions I lead us through a SIMPLE movement practice (an assortment of things meant to help with grounding, nervous system tending, releasing frustration, calming/soothing….body awareness/reset).
  • coWork, coFocus, coPuttering, coCare: Gentle community accountability, to get the things done that you want to get done. (also – coKnitting, coRest, Kitchen Time, Tidy-Up Circles, coWriting, and coHooping ….hoola-hooping!).
  • Bilateral Drawing Club (BDC): There are 4 sessions/week to choose from, 30 min community drawing. Building a practice of drawing as a somatic/body-based process & resource.

All sessions generally start with a check-in (always optional), then we do our thing (with or without music), and then end with another check-in.

These sessions are not workshops …but dedicated space to show up in community (accountability!), make art (start/finish projects, or just muck about), make time (to do the things we want to make time to do) …space that we block INTO our calendars.

Some reasons you might like to join our ohHEY community….

  • You’re looking for community. Somewhere that you can show up, as you are, any-which-way.
  • You want to make more time for art-making/creativity in your day-to-day life… and you’re just not making it happen on your own.
  • You’re neuordivergent and/or enjoy spending time with neurodivergent folks (aka: interesting, smart, creative, curious, empathic, kind, and sometimes odd/awkward folks).
  • You’re curious about coWorking/coFocus sessions …and want to try it out and/or do more of it (as a supportive practice around time management, motivation, task start/completing).
  • You’re looking for spaces to be creative in that aren’t necessarily workshops… more like shared studio time.
  • You want (and benefit from) reminders to make time for the things that you want to make time for… and a collective/collaborative space to do them in. Maybe it’s art-making …maybe it’s feeding yourself, getting outside, moving your body, listening to podcasts, reading books, doing your dishes, writing, being read to…
  • You’re interested in flexible, low barrier, inclusive community space… that you can come and go as you like, no pressure, no expectations, no judgement, no “shoulds”.
  • You want to do some things differently, so you can FEEL differently… in your body, in the world.

“I love the ohHEY community! There is ZERO pressure to produce, to engage, to communicate – although all of that is gently encouraged – there is always an opening to slide in with words or a photo of something you’re doing. I wish for you the capacity to join this community and gently allow yourself to find YOUR rhythm, your way of engaging, and for you to discover creative ways to say what’s in your heart.”

“ohHEY, a safe, inspiring place to land.  Come as you are, do what you can, do what you like, with what you have.  Engage with others, collaborate, or don’t.  Observe.  Know you are welcome, just as you are, camera off or on.  I’m chronically ill and can find myself a little isolated.  This community is just that,  a comfortable community.  I can show up on a super bad day, or a good day, or any day in-between and be embraced, just how I am.  I hope you can join, you’ll be glad you did.”


Welcome! …to our brilliantly warm, generous, curious, playful, and creative gaggle of delightful folks!

Located on the traditional and ancestral territories of the Lekwungen speaking (Songhees and Esquimalt) peoples. Thankful for their historical and ongoing stewardship of these beautiful lands, and the opportunity to step into collaborative stewardship, community care, learning, and being better.